Dvar Torah Vayechi 2002 – 5762 דבר תורה ויחי

Yaakov gives his sons his blessings before he dies. When it comes to Yosef, the Torah says, “And he blessed Yosef and he said … the angel who saves me from all evil, will bless the sons.” (Gen. 48:16) What happened to the Beracha he was going to give to Yosef? Here he only blessed Yosef’s sons.

The truth is that the blessings of children really revert back to their parents. If the children are well and if they have Parnasah, if they do well in school, if they are well behaved then it is a real blessing for their parents. When Yaakov blessed Yosef’s children he was also blessing the parents.

Children should always keep that in mind. Whatever they do reflects back on their parents. If they end up successful and good then their parents are surely blessed and happy.

This portion ends the book of Bereshit. The question asked by Rashi in the beginning and also by the Ramban and others, why was it necessary to give us all the stories of Creation and the Avot. The purpose of the Torah is to teach us the Mitzvot and a way of life. Why do we need the stories? The answer they give is that we should learn from the lives of the Avot how we ourselves should live. If we imitate their good deeds we have fulfilled the purpose of the Torah.


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