Dvar Torah Vayechi 2001 – 5761 דבר תורה ויחי

Yaakov tells his children before he dies, HEYASFU, get together. (Gen 49,1). He was going to tell them when the time of redemption would be. Why does he start by saying, “get together”? Because he was hinting at why they had ended up in Galut. We all know that Chazal tell us the reason the Bet Hamikdash was destroyed was because of SIN’AT CHINAM. People did not get along with each other. Different factions were fighting with each other.

That is also the reason the Jews went into the first exile. Because of the hatred of the brothers towards Yosef they sold him into slavery and that ended up eventually in bringing Yaakov to Egypt and started the first Galut This shows how dangerous hatred between siblings can be. In order to be redeemed from the Egyptian Galut, Yaakov tells his children to get together, to forget their petty differences and to learn to understand each other and to get along with one another.

This is something that often happens today in many families. Brothers and sisters do not get along with each other. It can only lead to greater troubles later. Unfortunately, the same thing is happening in Israel today with all the different factions fighting each other. Hopefully Hashem will instill in everyone’s heart love for each other and the proper solutions of all problems will be found.


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