Dvar Torah Vayigash 2005 – 5765 דבר תורה ויגש

When Yehudah was faced with the harsh verdict of Yosef for the theft of the GAVI’AH, he did not hesitate but spoke up. The Torah quotes him as saying: VE’AL YICHAR APECHA BE’AVDECHA, “…and do not be angry with your servant.” From these special words the Rabbis of the Talmud, as explained by Rashi, derived a special meaning in the text. They concluded that Yehudah did not only speak pleadingly with Yosef but he even threatened him. If his pleading will fall on deaf ears, he was ready to act sternly.

Israel has been trying to appease the world and often acts against its own interest because it does not want to provoke the anger of the nations of the world. It will very frequently do things that unfortunately end up to the detriment of its own citizens. It has to take a cue from Yehudah and learn to do what is in its own best interests. When it will do so, it will first of all help its own citizens but in the long run will also gain more respect in the eyes of the world. If you act like a “Nebich’l” you are looked upon as a “Nebich’l”.

We should utilize this same approach in our private lives. When we see an injustice, we should attempt to correct it in a pleasant manner. If that does not work, we should not abandon our goal but should become more aggressive. But this should be so only when we are totally convinced that justice is with us.


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