Dvar Torah Miketz – 2007 Shabbat Chanukah – 5768 דבר תורה מקץ

As we read this Portion during the holiday of Chanukah we think back into history and we realize that the Jews living in Israel under the Assyrian domination were able to overthrow their yoke and gain their independence. This was possible because they united in a common cause under the Maccabees.

We can see the power of unity in the Sidra as well. We read that the brothers of Joseph finally met up with him face to face and did not realize who he was. Joseph accused them of spying and they responded by saying: KOLANU BNEY ISH ECHAD NACHNU, “We are all the sons of one man…”. (Gen. 42,11) They use the word NACHNU instead of the more common form ANACHNU.

We find elsewhere in the Torah where this form is used. When Bnei Israel were about to cross into Israel two of the tribes wanted to settle in Ever Hayarden. Moshe reprimanded them that their brothers will go fight for the land and they will stay behind. These tribes then said: NACNU NAVOR CHALUTZIM, “We will cross over [the Jordan] armed…”. (Num. 32,32) They will stay together with their brothers and fight along side of them. Here too the expression they use is NACHNU instead of ANACHNU.

In both instances the implication is that when Jews are united they have tremendous strength. The brothers when talking to Yosef were implying that they are not concerned with his threats. They are united and will be able to overcome anything he has in mind. Also when the tribes were about to cross into Israel the tribes expressed their conviction that as long as they are together they can defeat the enemies they will encounter.

Happy Chanukah and Shabbat Shalom


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