Dvar Torah Vayishlach 2003 – 5763 דבר תורה וישלח

Yakov is returning to Israel and he faces his brother Asov who had vowed to kill him. How does Yakov deal with this threat? He takes three steps. First he sends Esav gifts, then he prays for divine aid, and finally he divides up his people into two camps and prepares for fight if necessary.

The Jewish people today have also returned to their homeland promised to them by the Almighty. The Jews today also face and enemy determined to destroy him. What should be our plan of action? We have to follow Yakov’s plan.

First, we must try to offer the enemy a bright future. This Israel did. We held out the prospect of a Palestinian state and an economically prosperous future. This they rejected. We now have the two next options that we must follow. We must place our faith in Hashem that He will keep His promise to give us the land He promised to our forefathers. Unfortunately, not all of our people are prepared to take this step. This, however, is a must.

Finally, we must be militarily prepared. This we have done. Hopefully there will be no need to further use this option. If all of our people all over the world will resort to the second option and call upon Hashem to come to our aid, then there will be no need for any additional action.


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