Dvar Torah Vayishlach 2001 – 5761 דבר תורה וישלח

In the beginning of the Sidra Yaakov sends a message to Esav saying he lived with Lavan. Rashi says what he is really saying is that he lived with Lavan and yet he kept the Taryag Mitzvot. He bases his statement on the fact that the Hebrew word “lived” is GARTI and the same letters rearranged spell Taryag, or as Rashi says in Gematria they are the same, 613.

The question still remains, why does he have to tell this to his brother. Does Esav really care if Yaakov kept the Mitzvot or not? The answer is that Yaakov was afraid that Esav might think that he could not live with a dati in the same land. Yaakov thus tells him, look I lived with Lavan and he was not religious and we got along for a long time together. So I can live in the same land with you as well.

The message here is that people have different ways of belief. The main thing is that we should live the way we believe but we should also be able to get along with everyone else. Do not thing because we believe in a certain way, everyone else does not matter. On the contrary, we should respect everyone even though we disagree with the way they think.


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