Dvar Torah Vayetze 2002 – 5762 דבר תורה ויצא

Yaakov wakes up from his dream in which he saw the ladder reaching up to heaven. His reaction was “surely the Almighty is in this place and I did not know” (Gen. 28:16). We say everyday in our prayers, “MELO CHOL HA’ARETZ KEVODO”, the entire universe is filled with His Glory. Hashem is everywhere. Why was Yaakov surprised when he realized that Hashem was in that spot?

When Yaakov went to sleep in that place he realized how desolate the area was. He had to find stones to rest his head. There were no conveniences there. He was fleeing from his brother and was all alone. He had nothing to his name. He felt sure that in a place like this Hashem would not stay and that He had abandoned him. He saw, however, through means of the dream that Hashem could be even in this desolate spot and under these miserable conditions..

We find ourselves in many situations where we feel that Hashem is not around. If He had been there, things would not happen as they do. This is true in personal times of tragedy and in national periods of danger. Our belief teaches us that no matter what is happening, Hashem is there. We may not understand why certain things happen. That is because our vision is limited. We should have faith that this is the will of Hashem. Hashem is everywhere.


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