Dvar Torah Dvarim 2007 – 5767 דבר תורה דברים

As Bnei Yisrael; were approaching the Land of Israel, we are told Moshe BE’ER ET HATORAH. “…he explained the Torah”. (Deut. 1,5) Rashi says on these words, “He explained it to them in seventy languages”. They had not yet reached the Holy Land. They were still in Ever Hayarden. Why did Moshe at this time have to translate the Torah into seventy languages which is an expression meaning in all the different languages of that day?

It is precisely because they had not yet entered into Israel that Moshe translated the Torah. It was to demonstrate to the people that the Torah is not meant to be observed only in Israel. It is to be followed, accepted and adhered to in all countries of the world. Only the Mitzvot HATLUYOT BA’ARETZ, that are dependent upon living on the land in Israel, are not obligatory outside of the land. The rest of the Torah, its laws, its ethics, its teachings and ideals are meant for the entire world.

Many people who claim to be intellectuals try to say the Torah was meant for a different time, for a different culture, for a different civilization. Moshe translated the Torah to all languages to teach that it was intended for all places and all times.


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