Dvar Torah Balak 2007 – 5767 דבר תורה בלק

There is a Pasuk in this week’s Sidra given various explanations by Jewish commentators. The Pasuk says: KA’ET YE’AMAR LEYA’AKOV ULYISRAEL MAH PA’AL EL. (Num. 23,23) A simple translation of the words give the Pasuk the following meaning: “now it will be said to Yaakov and to Israel, what has Hashem done.”

It is told that a Polish government minister once said to a great Rabbi of Valoshin, if I could speak to the Almighty I would ask Him why He created the Jews. The Rabbi replied, you are not the first to ask this question. Bilam already asked it. The Rabbi interpreted the above verse to mean that Bilam asked why did Hashem create the Jews, implying that they should be destroyed. However, the verse that immediately follows this question says: HEN AM KELAVI YAKUM, “Behold a people that rises up as a lion…”.

Nations are bent on destroying Israel. Israel lacks no enemies. Yet Israel stands up like a lion and defends itself against all enemies. As small as this country is it has been able to defeat many nations and armies that surround her and wanted to wipe her off the map. Like a lion she fights them all off and humiliates them all in defeat. Why? Because Hashem is fighting with her and assures her victory.


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