Dvar Torah BeHa’alotcha 2007 – 5767 דבר תורה בהעלותך

Hashem tells Moshe to make two silver trumpets and with them signals can be given to the people instructing them what they must do. If both trumpets were blown it was a signal for all the people to gather. When one was blown the leaders were to come together. The Torah says: IM BE’ACHAT ITKA’U VENO’ADO ELECHA HANESI’IM, “if one was sounded the leaders would assemble…” (Num. 10,4) In order to get the people to act together first the leaders have to be united.

One of the most difficult acts is bringing people together. The Chatam Sofer explains a confusing Rashi. In the beginning of this week’s Portion reference is made to the Menorah that had to be MIKSHA, hammered out from a solid piece of gold. Rashi explains that Moshe had difficulty understanding how the Menorah should look. This is really strange that with Hashem being the teacher and a student like Moshe how come he could not yet understand how it was to look.

The Chatam Sofer says that the Menorah was to be made from one solid piece of gold to symbolize the unity of the Jewish people. The base representing the plain people and the flowers and the cups representing the higher class, Moshe could not see how they could be together.

In order for a people to be united the leaders must be connected. If there is a united understanding among the leaders than the people could also be together.


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