Dvar Torah BeHa’alotcha 2004 – 5764 דבר תורה בהעלותך

Hashem tells Moshe to instruct Aaron to light the Menorah regularly and describes how it should be done. The Torah then says: VAYA’AS KEN AHARON, ‘…And Aharon did so … as Hashem had commanded Moshe”. (Num. 8,3) All the commentaries have a problem with this verse. Of course Aharon did what Hashem commanded. Would he dare do otherwise?

Most of the laws in the Torah were given to Moshe and he related them to Aharon and then to the people. Some laws were told to Moshe and Aharon. Some were even given directly to Aharon alone, without Moshe. Why, then, did Hashem give this particular Mitzvah concerning the Menorah, which Aharon had to fulfill, through Moshe and not directly to Aharon? Aharon had a legitimate right to be resentful.

That is why to Torah says he did not stray a bit in performing his responsibility in lighting the Menorah. It specifically says he fulfilled the Mitzvah “…as Hashem instructed Moshe” although not him directly. A person should worry about his honor when it is affected by his actions but he should not be concerned about his honor when it depends of the actions of others.


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