Dvar Torah Naso 2005 – 5765 דבר תורה נשא

The Kohanim are instructed to bless the people. Do they have a special power that they can give blessings more than anyone else? When we read the wording of the Torah we see that the blessings do not stem from the Kohanim themselves but rather come from Hakadosh, Baruch Hu.

The Torah says: VESAMU ET SHMI AL BNEI YISRAEL VA’ANI AVARCHEM, “And they will place My name on the Children of Israel and I will bless them.” (Num. 6,26) We see from this Pasuk that, although the Kohanim had the Mitzvah of blessing the people, the actual blessing came from Hashem. The question that may be asked is, what is the function of the Kohanim if Hashem will be blessing the people?

Rashi has two interesting explanations to the verse. First he says that Hashem will agree with the Kohanim in their blessing. This Rashi obviously says to avoid the question that we asked. The question may still be asked, what is the function of the Kohanim if Hashem will also bless them. Isn’t Hashem’s blessing enough? Perhaps the answer is that Hashem wanted the people to recognize the importance of the Kohanim and we should show them respect because they are doing Avodat Hashem, the service of Hashem.
Rashi offers another entirely different explanation. The Pasuk does not mean that Hashem will bless the people but rather if the Kohanim bless the people, then Hashem will bless them, the Kohanim. When people show kindness to others and when they bless them, then Hashem recognizes the kind deed and blesses the people for their action.


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