Dvar Torah Naso 2002 – 5762 דבר תורה נשא

We read the Birchat Kohanim in this week’s Sidra. The Kohanim are told to bless the people with a threefold Beracha. That is why the Chazzan says in the repetition of the Amida, Baberacha Hameshuleshet, which means in the triple Beracha. Why are there tree Berachot? Could not one general Beracha have been sufficient?

The truth is that not everyone would be satisfied with the same Beracha. People have different needs and everyone wants a Beracha that would be suitable for them. A Talmid Chacham wants a Beracha that has to do with his ability to learn and understand. A businessman wants a Beracha that he should succeed financially. A plain worker wants a Beracha that his boss treat him right and that he gets a decent salary. Everyone has his or her own needs.

That is why the Beracha of the Kohen is in three parts. It is to provide for different needs. The first part is for people who work and for businessmen. The blessing is that they prosper and that their financial gains be preserved. The second part is for spiritual people and for academicians. They need that Hashem shine His face upon them and give them insight and understanding, wisdom and intelligence. The third part refers to people who are in government or in the army or in the police force. For them the blessing is that Hashem protect them and give them peace. Peace from without, that is, no enemies, and peace from within, that is, no political quarrels.

The Kohanim invoke the blessings of Hashem upon us and Hashem knows the needs of each and everyone of us.


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