Dvar Torah Achre Mot 5 2005 – 5765 דבר תורה אחרי מות

This Shabbat is also Erev Pesach. It is strange that on the day preceding the holiday of Pesach we read in the Torah the service that was performed on Yom Kippur by the Kohen Gadol. Is there a connection?

It is, of course, coincidental. However, some connection may be discovered. The rituals the Kohen Gadol had to follow were in preparation for his entering into the Kodeh Hakadoshim. As the Torah says: BEZOT YAVO AHARON EL HAKODESH, “With this shall Aharon come into the sanctuary…” (Lev. 16,3)

Similarly, we have to make preparations to be able to celebrate the holiday of Pesach properly. We must get rid of all Chametz. For no other holiday do we have to make such preparations to rid our house of any item. We learn a very meaningful lesson from this. We go along our lives living normally and going “about our business as usual”. The Torah reminds us that we are not to take anything for granted. We make changes in our lives on certain occasions to demonstrate that we have to appreciate what we have and must realize that we may not always have these benefits.

On Succot we demonstrate the same thing but in a different manner by leaving our homes. On Yom Kippur the Kohen makes preparations to enter into the Holy of Holies by bringing the sacrifices to atone for himself, his family, for the Kohanim and for all of Israel. Preparations for different occasions are always necessary.


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