Dvar Torah Tazria – Metzora 4 2004 – 5764 דבר תורה תזריע – מצורע

In the first Sidra we read this week we are commanded the Mitzvah of Brit Milah. It is customary at a Brit for the people standing around to bless the child and say: KESHEM SHNICHNAS LABRIT, KEN YIKANES LETORAH, LECHUPAH ULMA’ASIM TOVIM, “Just as he has entered into the Brit (of Avraham Avinu) so too should he enter into the study of Torah, into marriage and into the performance of good deeds.”

What is the connection between the Brit and the other things mentioned? The fact is that entering into the Covenant of Avraham is not a simple accomplishment. Becoming a Jew means he will have to face the cruel anti-Semitic world. He will have many restrictions on how he behaves, what he eats, how he lives and he will be responsible for adherence to all the Mitzvot that are not too easy to keep.

This is what the blessing means. Just as he enters into the Brit with Hashem and the Jewish people knowing it will not be a trouble-free function, so too when he starts learning Torah it will not be easy and it should be LISHMAH. So too, when he marries and when he starts doing Ma’asim Tovim it is not going to be without drawbacks but he should enter these performances with the attitude that it is the proper thing to do. He should not think that these tasks are easy to carry out. Nevertheless, he should do them willingly and honestly.


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