Dvar Torah Chol Hamo’ed Pesach 5767 | 2007

Many years ago I visited the Ford Motor Company in Detroit and I watched the assembly line. Every man had his job cut out for him. One man put the car part on the chassis and another screwed it on. Yet another man attached the front light and another back light. I could not help but think that these people have lost their individuality. They learned one function and repeated it for hours, for days and probably for months.

This is not how man was created. Man was created in the image of Hashem and he can be creative and thoughtful. He was not meant to become a machine and operate like a robot.

We will be reading the story of the crossing of the Red Sea in a few days. The Rabbis tell us that Hashem said: MA’ASE YADAI TOV’IM BAYAM VE’ATEM OMRIM SHIRA, “the work of My hands are drowning in the sea and you would chant hymns?” (Meg. 10b) Hashem does not rejoice even when the wicked are punished because they are also His creations. Man is created in the image of Hashem and he must never lose his abilities. He must retain his creativity and use it to its fullest extent for good. When he goes astray he is punished but Hashem does not rejoice when this happens.


One thought on “Dvar Torah Chol Hamo’ed Pesach 5767 | 2007

  1. Hi my name is Ronalf i go to school in New York i go to a private school it is called yeshiva of central queens i am in 7th grade and my rabbi asked me to get him a good davr torah about PEACSH and i was wondering if you can send me a good davar torah as soon as possible. He wants a davar to that i would be able to look at when i will give a davar torah to my own family amen if you can be just so kind and send me one good davr torah i would reallyapericaite it i will read it and write it over and put it into my own words so please do favor for a good jew thank you very much for your attention

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