Dvar Torah Tzav 6 2006 – 5766 דבר תורה צו

The Torah requires that a fire be burning on the altar at all times, day and night. In the morning the first activity of the Kohen was: VEHERIM ET HADESHEN, “… and he shall separate the ashes…” (Lev. 6,3) from the fire and then he would change into plain close and take the ashes out of the camp. It is interesting that the first task of the Kohen as he starts the holy work for the day deals with a mundane matter, taking ashes away from the altar.

Rabbi Simcha Bunim points out a similarity with the tasks of the Kohen Gadol on Yom Kippur. There the Kohen Gadol when he went into the Kodesh Kadoshim had to remove the Bigde Kehuna and put on plain clothes.(Lev. 16,4) Rabbi Simcha Bunim explains that in both instances the Kohen is to be reminded that before going into lofty spiritual ideals he must not forget the ordinary daily needs of the people and must be prepared for them at all times.

In our lives too we must remember that while living at a highly spiritual level is certainly desirable, we must never overlook our daily down to earth actions and dealings with our fellow men.


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