Dvar Torah Tzav 2 2002 – 5762 דבר תורה צו

Throughout the Torah, when Hashem gives instructions to Moshe to relate a Mitzva to the people the terms used are either speak to them or tell them or some similar expression. In today’s Sidra when instructions are given concerning the KORBAN or offering known as OLAH none of these terms are used. Instead the word used is TZAV or command. There is a reason for this unique wording.

Rashi explains that this word implies urging on to carry out the command immediately and for future generations. Why specifically
for this Mitzva is extra urging necessary? The OLAH offering is to be burnt completely on the altar and the one who brought it does not get any physical part of the animal for his own use. Rashi thus says that since there is a monetary loss they had to be urged.
This, of course, means that when a Mitzva is more difficult to perform for whatever reason special urging is necessary. Some Mitzvot are easy to perform and we do not hesitate to do them. Some Mitzvot, on the other hand, are more difficult and we are apt to delay and procrastinate in carrying them out. The Torah urges us to act upon them.

This is true about many things we have to do in life. Some things we enjoy and do not hesitate to do them. Other things are more difficult and we don’t like to do them and often we get tired of doing the same thing time and again. In such cases we do not act quickly and energetically and many times even overlook them. The message in today’s Portion emphasizes that we must perform all our responsibilities even if they are unpleasant.


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