Dvar Torah Vayikra 7 2007 – 5767 דבר תורה ויקרא

This third book of the Torah begins with the words: VAYIKRA EL MOSHE, “And He called to Moshe …”. The last letter in the word VAYIKRA is an Aleph and it is written smaller than the rest of the letters. There are many explanations given for this and most of them point to the fact that Moshe was very modest and did not want to show that Hashem spoke to him directly and not like He spoke to all other prophets through visions or dreams.

Rabbi Simcha Bunim makes a very interesting observation. He says that if a small bird flies up to the top of a mountain he does not become any taller. He is still a small bird. Likewise, Moshe was a modest man. No matter how great his relationship with Hashem became he still remained the same modest individual. Even though Hashem spoke to him “face to face” as it were, he still held himself small. That is why he wrote a small Aleph.

This is not true with most people. When politicians get into high office the power they control goes to their head and they start abusing it. When people are very successful in business, the money influences them to loose all sense of propriety and they exploit their position.

Moshe’s modesty should be our model.


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