Dvar Torah Vayikra 3 2003 – 5763 דבר תורה ויקרא

The Book of VaYikra deals with the sacrifices that Bnei Yisrael had to bring on various occasions. The instructions to Moshe start by saying ADAM KI YAKRIV MIKEM KORBAN, “if one of you will bring a Korban.” This sentence speaks in the singular, “one of you”. It follows, however, and says, TAKRIVU ET KORBANCHEM, “you shall bring your Korban”. Here the language is in the plural, TAKRIVU. Why the change?

There is a great moral lesson involved in these words. Our Chazal tell us KOL YISRAEL AREVIM ZE BAZEH, “all of Israel is a guarantor for each other” (Shevuot 39a). That means we are all responsible for one another. When one transgresses and has to bring a Korban, all of Israel is involved. Everyone is in some way accountable for his actions and the sacrifice he brings is in effect for everyone.

We should remember when we do something we are not only affecting ourselves but are involving all of the Jewish people. Likewise, we are all responsible to see that the individual should not transgress. If we don’t do our share then we are also guilty.


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