Dvar Torah Vayikra 1 2001 – 5761 דבר תורה ויקרא

The Torah tells us in the beginning of this week’s Sidra that Hashem called to Moshe from the Ohel Moed. Rashi says the voice of Hashem reached Moshe but none of the Israelites heard it .The question raised is, how come the voice of Hashem, which is so powerful, could only be heard by Moshe and no one else?

The answer is that only Moshe was attuned to hearing it. Not everyone was able to hear the voice because not everyone is prepared to hear and understand what they hear.

This can be illustrated by a story. A farmer was once walking with his friend from New York on Times Square. All of a sudden the farmer says, I hear a cricket. The city friend says, impossible. We are in Times Square and there isn’t a blade of grass. How can there be a cricket here? They walked a little further, and there was a flower shop. They went in and, sure enough, among all the flowers and leaves they were able to hear the sound of a cricket.

When they went out the friend asked the farmer, how could you hear the cricket over all the noise of the traffic here in Time Square? The farmer took out a quarter from his pocket and dropped it on the sidewalk. All of a sudden a half dozen people turned around to see what fell. The farmer asked his friend, how could they have heard the coin over all the noise here? You see, he said, my ear is attuned to the sounds of nature and their ears are attuned to the sound of money.

Moshe was attuned to hear Hashem. The people were not. It is important that we too be attuned to hear the right things and be able to distinguish between good and evil and between right and wrong. It takes time and effort to train one’s self to be able to hear properly and to understand what we hear.


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