Dvar Torah Vayakhel Pekude 2002 – 5762 דבר תורה ויקהל פקודי

In most years these two Sidrot are read together on one Shabbat. The first Sidra VaYakhel tells us that Moshe Rabenu called together all the people and instructed them to build a Mishkan. Everyone was urged to make his contribution for this worthy cause. In the second Sidra a complete accounting is given about every contribution that was made. Who received the contributions? Moshe. Who supervised the work? Betzalel. Both were honest individuals chosen by Hashem to do their individual sacred tasks. Why was it necessary to give a full accounting? Were they not to be trusted?

This was done for appearance. While it is true that Moshe and Betzalel were trustworthy, this is not true about all public figures and certainly not about all elected officials. We read daily about accusations against community leaders. Government office and official positions have a way of corrupting people. The temptations to become dishonest and even fraudulent are great.

While Moshe and Betzalel were not to be doubted they gave a full report to teach that all leaders must do so in order to free them of any suspicion and to show their responsibility to the public they represent.

Just a little curiosity. At the end of every Sidra there is a Massoritic number of how many Pesukim are found in the Sidra and a word whose Gimatria is equal to that number is added so one could remember the amount. For some reason that no one can explain satisfactorily, the Portion of Pekude has no number mentioned and no Gimatria word.


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