Dvar Torah Ki Tisa 6 5766 – 2006 דבר תורה כי תשא

Bnei Yisrael transgressed when Moshe was receiving the Torah on Mt. Sinai. While he was still on the mountain he pleaded before Hashem on their behalf. He found excuses for their bad behavior. He argued that they were a people ASHER HOTZETA ME’ERETZ MITZRAIM, “…whom you have taken out of Egypt” (Ex.32,11), a country corrupt with idolatry. You cannot expect much from them. However, as soon as he came down from the mountain his anger turned against the people. Why the change?

This is the true task of a good leader. On the outside he must stand up for the people he represents. But to the people, he must be prepared to admonish them. A leader who does not try to rectify the ways of his followers is not truly a leader.

Too often we find government leaders and politicians who are prepared to back up there constituents, which is praiseworthy, but they are not ready to correct the faults of their people. This, of course, encourages the transgressors to continue with their corruption and evil ways and never attempt to improve.

Parent also are ready to defend their children but if they do not admonish their children as well they have failed


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