Dvar Torah Tetzaveh 1 5761- 2001 דבר תורה תצוה

The Torah uses many Pesukim to tell us about the garments of the Kohanim
and the Kohen Gadol. These various garments are described in great
detail. Why is it so important to elaborate on this item so much? Isn’t
it interesting that so many professions have special uniforms. The
police dress in a certain way. Soldiers have their uniform. Nurses in
the hospital wear white. Many workers in offices have to come dressed
up. Why is this so important?
It seems the Torah is trying to tell us how important wearing proper
clothes is for a person. Clothing creates a feeling of self-importance.
Don’t you feel great when you get dressed up to go to a party or an
affair? Would you think of going to a wedding wearing work clothes that
you put on to clean your house or your room?
It is a sign of our times that people don’t dress properly. Doctors no
longer wear their white garments. Many mailmen no longer wear a uniform.
Teachers come to school in informal clothes. Office workers wear their
house clothes. Children come to school wearing play clothes. This is a
sign of our times since people have lost their sense of self-importance.

To paraphrase a saying of Chazal in the Talmud. It is more important to
cut out some of the food that goes into your stomach and put the money
into clothes that goes on your back.


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