Dvar Torah Yitro 4 – 5764

Moshe’s father-in-law, Yitro, comes to the Children of Israel in the wilderness and Moshe tells him all that Hashem did for the people and what happened to the Egyptians. The torah then says VAYICHAD YITRO AL KOL HATOVA ASHER ASAH HASHEM LEYISRAEL, “and Yitro rejoiced over all the good that Hashem had done for Israel.” (Ex. 18:9) The word VAYICHA means, “he rejoiced”.

Rashi quotes a Midrash that gives a different interpretation of the word VAYICHAD. The Midrash associates it with the word CHIDUDIM that means, “prickles”. His hair as it were stood on edge like bristles because of what he heard happened to the Egyptians. In effect what Rashi and the Midrash are saying is that Yitro rejoiced for Israel but was disturbed for what happened to the Egyptians though they had acted so wickedly against the Jews for so many generations.

In the song of Moshe at the Red Sea, Moshe not only praises Hashem for delivering the Jews but also for destroying the Egyptians. He realized that evil cannot be allowed to go unpunished. For the Jews to be free, their enemies must be eradicated.

History repeats itself. The world today may not want Israel destroyed but they refuse to recognize that for Israel to be free, its enemies cannot be allowed to perpetrate their evil. For peace in this world, for Israel and for the rest of the world, evil must be wiped off the face of this earth. Peace and evil cannot exist together.


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