Dvar Torah Yitro 3 – 5763

Moshe’s father-in-law, Yitro sees how Moshe is judging the people and he recognizes the shortcomings of this method. He then advises Moshe to set up a system of judges and courts, lower ones and higher ones over them, and in this manner he will alleviate the burden which fell on Moshe’s shoulders. Moshe soon institutes this arrangement.

One can ask a simple question. Could not Moshe himself figure out this scheme? Did he really need the advice of his father-in-law who wasn’t even Jewish? The answer is, of course, Moshe would have initiated this organizational structure himself. What the Torah is teaching us is a great significant principal. You should always be prepared to learn from everyone. If good advice comes from an unexpected source, be ready to accept it.

The Talmud tells us that both Rabbi Chanina and Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi, two of the greatest scholars claimed that they learned much from their teachers and more from their colleagues but from their students they learned more than from anyone else. These great luminaries were not embarrassed to say they learned most from their students.

We should always be willing to gain knowledge from any source and not be reluctant because that person may not be like us or does not agree with us in all things.


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