Dvar Torah Parshat VaEra 5766

Moshe told Bnei Yisrael that Hashem sent him to redeem them but they were not interested because they were tired from their heavy bondage. (Ex. 6,9) When Hashem sends Moshe to speak to Pharaoh, Moshe says: HEN BNEI YISRAEL LO SHAM’U ELAI, “Behold the Bnei Yisrael did not listen to me…” and why will Pharaoh listen. Furthermore, Moshe adds, VA’ANI ARAL SEFATAYIM, “and I have difficulty of speech.” (Ex. 6,12) What was Moshe’s argument? Moshe was saying, when one goes to speak to a government leader in order for him to succeed he must have one of two things. He must be speaking in the name of a great following so that his words carry the weight of those backing him up. If he does not have a great following he may still succeed if he speaks well and can influence the leader by his great ability to express himself and convince the leader of his claim. Moshe was saying he had neither of these two requirements and how could he succeed in his mission. The people are not backing him up and he is a very poor speaker. Nevertheless, Hashem sends him because there is a third possibility of success – if the cause is just. Hashem was telling Moshe that he would succeed because He was sending him and the Pharaoh will eventually see that he had to send the people out of the land. We see how individuals will often succeed in accomplishing what appears to be a miracle only because they were persistent and did not give up. If you know you are right, don’t lose faith in your eventual success.


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