Dvar Torah Shemot 5767


In this week’s Portion Moshe is selected to lead the Jewish people out of Egyptian bondage and take them through the Wilderness to the Promised Land. The Midrash explains why Moshe Rabbenu was chosen for this task. It tells us that when Moshe, who was the shepherd for Yitro, was out in the wilderness with the flock one little sheep went astray and Moshe went after it to protect it. The sheep had sought water to drink. When Moshe saw this he picked it up and carried it back on his shoulders. Hashem said that if a person can do this for the flock of a man he will certainly do so for the flock of Hashem, the Jewish people. (Shemot Rabbah, 2,2) A glaring question suggests itself. Moshe went to protect one sheep. In doing so, he obviously neglected the entire flock he left behind and endangered their existence. How can he be praised for abandoning the entire flock to save one individual sheep? The answer is simple. One sheep all alone out in the wilderness has no protection. The flock, however, were numerous and if they kept together they would be protected by their mere numbers. The obvious moral message is that there is strength in numbers and we Jews can be strong if we stick together. If Jews are united and not bickering about minutiae they can overcome all the obstacles the world throws in their way of survival.


One thought on “Dvar Torah Shemot 5767

  1. joey

    that is extremely wise and thoughtful. I was doing a short midrash on the portion and I have to say that opened my eyes up to a very valuable lesson in the torah. thank you for your insightfulness.

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