Dvar Torah Toldot

Dvar Torah Toldot 5767


There was a famine in the

Land of
Israel and Yitzchak was about to leave the country as did his father Avraham when there was a famine in his days. Hashem, however, says to Yitzchak: SHECHON BA’ARETZ … GUR BA’ARETZ HAZOT, “…dwell in the land … sojourn in this land … “ (Gen. 26,2-3). One can ask an obvious question concerning this passage. Firstly, why the repetition? Secondly, there seems to be a contradiction in the command to Yitzchak. The word SHECHON, dwell, implies permanent living. The word GUR, sojourn implies temporary living.


We must pay attention to the circumstances at the time. There was a famine in the land. Yitzchak was having difficulty surviving. Hashem instructed him to remain in the land even though he could not settle in an enduring home where he would like to be. He should set up a temporary sojourn, an interim home. He told him, however, when the situation will warrant it in the future, then he will be able to settle permanently and dwell in the

Land of


There are many Jews who would like to settle permanently in
Israel today but because of varying situations it becomes impossible for them to do so. At least what they should try to do is to live in the

Land of
Israel temporarily. They could spend a Sabbatical in
Israel or a summer or if neither of these alternatives is possible they should at least make as many trips to the land as they can possibly manage. When circumstances will change in the future, then they can settle in
Israel permanently.


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