Dvar Torah Succot 5767

Succot 5767  – There is a special restriction associated with a number of Mitzvot. This restriction is known as TA’ASE VELO MIN HA’ASU, “You shall make for yourself and not use ready made items.” This is especially noted when we build our Succah. This means, for example, you cannot put up SECHACH on a roof built on four poles and then build the walls. It is appalling to note, that today much of the Jewish practices have been relegated to a status of “ready made”. We buy a Tallit and the Tzitzit are already inserted. We buy meat and it is already koshered. We buy bread and Challah has already been taken. We even buy a Succah and it is a prefab. It is an unfortunate development in the practice of our religion. Judaism is a religion where we are all active participants and not merely tagging along to actions of others. Many children and even adults have lost the ability to prepare necessary items for the performance of certain Mitzvot. Every effort should be made to learn these skills and to be able to transmit them to the next generation.


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