Dvar Torah Haazinu 4

The Sidra relates the poetic words of Moshe right before he ends his parting words to Bnei Yisrael and he hands over the leadership of the people to Yehoshua.  The Torah says, “Moshe came and spoke all the words of this song in the ears of the people, he and HOSHEA bin Nun.” (Deut. 32:44) We all remember when Moshe sent the Meraglim to tour the Land of
Israel, he changed Hoshea’s name to Yehoshua. Why now at the end of his days does he revert back to the old name?Let us remember why Moshe added the letter Yod to Hoshea’s name. When he sent them with the other men, he suspected that they may come back with a negative report and he wanted that Hoshea would be humble and not haughty as they would be. The letter Yod is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet and symbolizes humility and humbleness. He changed his name to Yehoshua because he wanted him to have these traits and not follow the arrogance of the others. That is why he called him Yehoshua.Now, however, he was giving over the leadership of the people to him and he was conveying a different message. A leader must have some arrogance. A little cannot be only humble. A leader must be able to withstand all the pressures of special interests of different people. He must have a bit of haughtiness within him so as to be able to say no at times and to adhere to what he believes is best for his people. Moshe demonstrated this trait often in his leadership and he wanted Yehoshua to do the same so he removed the Yod to take away the humility.


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