Dvar Torah Haazinu 2

There is a certain expression associated with this week’s Sidra. It is Ha-Z-I-V Le-CHa. Each letter in this phrase stands for a word. “Hey” stands for Ha’azinu; “Zayin” stands for Zechor; “Yud” for Yarkivahu; “Vav” for Vayar; “Lamed” for Lu; and “Kaf” for Ki. These letters represent the words with which each Aliya starts. Our Chazal tell us (Rosh Hashanah 31a) that when the portion is read it should be broken up this way and, as a result, there are no Hosafot to be made. (It is possible if absolutely necessary to make an Hosafah for Acharon.)According to the Talmud this portion was recited by the Levites in the
Temple when the Musaf sacrifices were brought on Shabbat and this was the way it was divided. What is the meaning of this division? The Mishna Berurah (428,11) gives a reason that this is a matter of admonishing the people that they should do Teshuva. This really does not explain the division.Perhaps the reason is, so that no person who is called up for an Aliya should read more or less of the admonition than the next person. The theme in each portion seems to be evenly divided. This teaches us a very significant lesson. The Rabbis in determining the Aliyot did not want to single out any individual for greater responsibility than others.We often are faced with a task of finding blame for a failed project. It is extremely important not to single out one individual to blame for the failure of the many. Usually it is the combined errors of many responsible, just as success is usually due to the combined effort of many working together.


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