Dvar Torah Nitzavim Vayelech 3

 We read two Sidrot this week, one – Nitzavim, which means to stand and one – VaYelech which means to go. There are times in life when we have to stand firm and times when we have to go or act. Different situations confront us in life. What we do about them makes all the difference in defining what kind of a person we are. When there is a matter of principle involved, we should have enough fortitude to stand up for what we believe even if it means we will be standing alone. When something has to be done and no one takes the initiative, we should have the strength to get up and go and do it ourselves and serve as an example for others.The Sidra Nitzavim is read every year before Rosh Hashanah. Tosofot at the end of Gomorra Megillah (31b) tells us the reason is to separate the Tochacha that we read in last week’s Portion from the New Year. There may be another reason. As we approach the new year we are told ATEM NITZAVIM HAYOM, “you are standing today.”(Deut. 29:9) If we stand firm today with our beliefs, when we are about to start a new year, then we will be able to say we stand LIFNE HASHEM ELOKACHEM, we stand before Hashem as His people.


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