Dvar Torah Ki Tavo 6

The farmer had to bring his first fruits, known as BIKURIM, to the Bet Hamikdash. Rabbi Simcha Bunim asked how we can fulfill this Mitzvah even today when we have no Bet Hamikdash. He answers that today we have to offer our first hour in the morning to Hashem. What does that imply? It means that when we get up in the morning we are not to go about our daily actions and mundane pursuits. We are to devote our first activities to Hashem. Everyone according to his own ability. Some can learn, some can say Tehillim and some can find other means of devotion to Hashem.          There is a very interesting Midrash that tells us when Moshe Rabbenu gave this Mitzvah to the people he realized with his Ru’ach Hakodesh that the Bet Hamikdash will some day be destroyed and it will be impossible to bring the BIKURIM. He, therefore, gave us Tefillah and indicated that this is the first thing a person should do when he rises from his sleep. He should not go about dilly dallying with all kinds of distracting things. He should not first read the paper or the sport page or the comics. The first thing he should do is to say his Tefillot. This is the way a Jew offers BIKURIM in our times.


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