Dvar Torah Ki Tetze 1

DvarTorah Ki Tetze This Sidra gives us seventy-four Mitzvot, more than any other portion. Many major principals of Judaism are contained in this portion. One very significant law tells us that we are responsible to return an item of our brother that he lost and we found. The word “brother” is not to be taken literally but it rather refers to anyone whose lost item we find. This is a major Mitzva known as HASHAVAT AVEDAH, “returning a lost item”. The Pasuk tells us that if your “brother” is not close by, you do not have to travel far to return the item but rather you must wait until he comes to you. The language the Torah uses, however, is very interesting. The Torah says (Deut. 22:2) “If your brother is not close to you and you do not know him, …” Someone once explained that the Torah is telling us that the reason your brother is not close to you is because you do not know him. If you would spend some time with him you would learn who he was and what are his qualities. That would bring you closer to him.This is true with all our acquaintances. Too often we do not give them a chance and if we see some characteristic that we do not like we draw away and do not give the relationship a chance to develop. If we made an effort to get to know them better, perhaps we would find that we have more in common than in how we differ. Unfortunately, this is also the case with relatives. We often drift away because we do not give ourselves a chance to get to know them and the relationship seems to float away. The same is true with different ethnic groups and different nations. We do not know them so we do not understand them. This results in fear of them and finally in hating them. We must give ourselves a chance to learn to understand each other better and we will thus be closer to each other


2 thoughts on “Dvar Torah Ki Tetze 1

  1. Dr Dennis Dell

    do you have a commentary for Ki Tetzei 23.16 to 24.6, please?
    I’m leading a Torah breakfast group on 1st September when we’ll be discussing these verses and I need some inspiration !

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