Dvar Torah Re’eh 3

The Torah tells us to give charity and “do not shut your hand from your needy brother. But you should open your hand to him…” This is a very strange way of instructing us to give Tzedakah. A Rabbi once explained it in a very fascinating way. He said, when you open your hand your fingers are all different lengths. When you close your hand and make a fist all the fingers seem to be the same length. The same is true with giving Tzedakah. The needs of all the poor are different. When you open your hand to give charity to the poor and you are honestly interested in helping you will judge whether the person needs just a small donation or if he needs a larger one. If, however, you close your hand and do not give, you are treating all the poor equally. You are helping no one, neither the slightly needy people nor the very needy. Giving Tzedakah and helping the poor is one of the biggest Mitzvot in Judaism. One should never refuse a needy person when approached. Of course, when you walk down a street in Israel or some holy site and there are numerous beggars you are not expected to give everyone. Since there are many people giving then they will all more or less get the gifts they seek.

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