Dvar Torah Devarim

The Midrash Rabbah relates an interesting parable. The tail of the snake complained to its head why it always leads. The tail wanted to lead. The head agreed and gave the tail permission to go in front. As it started to lead, the tail pulled the snake into a well of water. It then went and lead the snake into a fire. Later it pulled the snake into thorns and thistles. (Midrash Rabbah, Dev. 1) 
Similarly we read in today’s Sidra an episode that took place in the Midbar. Moshe complained that he cannot lead the people himself. They grumble and complain too much. He was instructed by Hashem to pick seventy men to help him manage the nation. Moshe asked the Bnei Yisrael to pick the seventy leaders and then he says VA’ASIMEM BERASHECHEM, “… and I will make them heads over you.” (Deut. 1,13
Moshe was saying that he wanted them to select individuals whom he could place at the head so that they should lead. People who are elected to office should be the type that are capable of directing the people and not allow the people to lead them, and the leaders would follow. Otherwise, it is a formula for disaster. A good leader is one who has vision and understanding and can lead the way as the name implies.


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